What is forex

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What is forex

Forex or FX, English Foreign Exchange (Currency Exchange) is an abbreviation of the word is created. Forex, currencies of different countries with each other to modify the global foreign exchange market. Daily average trading volume of U.S. $ 3 trillion and the world’s largest and fastest growing financial market liquidity of the Forex than the sum of the world’s main stock exchanges.

Forex markets are used primarily as a platform for an exchange between currency units in this market, gold, silver, such as precious metals, oil, stock indices traded on different stock exchanges.

This market is a high leverage ratio allows for both high risk and high gain.

The participants of the Forex market, commercial banks, central banks, asset management firms, insurance companies, large corporations, international funds, and individual investors.

Orders are processed over the counter in the Forex market is a market there is a general center. However, in different parts of the world’s commercial centers are geographically. The most important of these centers in London, New York, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Singapore, Ceneva and Zurich, Paris and Hong Kong’tur. Operations; banks, corporations and individual investors made through the electronic network 24 hours a day 5 days can be done in this market. Forex investors of all sizes now have access to only one Internet connection at any time of day, a very active market.

The purpose of the web portal UzmanForex investors who are interested in forex markets and to inform prospective investors, to raise their level of consciousness, prospective investors about the risks of the market and would need to give realistic information available to investors to provide the tools.


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